About Us

Martin's Women's Apparel

Founded in 1972, Martin’s is a family owned second generation boutique in Excelsior.  They have been outfitting women of all ages with classic, trendy and up-to-date styles.  Martin’s inventory is always changing due to limited quantities which makes each week different from the next and also makes what you buy unique and special. Martin’s also carries great gift items such as books, candles and they have expanded their North Shore MN Brand.  Everything made with the North Shore Brand is hand sketched by us and locally printed.  The staff at Martin’s prides themselves on one-on-one customer service.  Whether it’s outfitting you from head to toe for a special occasion, or helping you replace you’re worn out favorite staples, they encourage you to bring in anything you want updated in your current wardrobe.  We will also put a box together of things tailored to you and deliver anything you would like to your front door!

  Call us at 952-767-0788 for more Information!